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Beauderm Aesthetic Clinic - Kebayoran Lama

Jakarta Selatan, DKI Jakarta


The Beauderm Clinic which was established in 2015 provides slimming treatments, mesotherapy, acne treatment, peeling, health whitening infusions and whitening / white skin enlightenment, vit C injections / vitamin C injections, meso injections, fat injections, double chin, double chin, double chin, saggy chin, chubby cheeks vs. tapered cheeks, chubby vs chubby cheek cheeks cheek cheeks and various types of facial treatments (basic for acne, brighten skin, detox, and Jet Peel). Beauderm Having a number of beauty doctors who are especially skilled at taking injections such as fillers (lips, chin, forehead, eyes, nose) botox (forehead, nose, face) and planting thread (face etc). Our clinic also offers a variety of safe, effective and practical skin rejuvenation treatments, as well as various other non-surgical aesthetic treatments. Our philosophy is to provide safe, tested and high-quality aesthetic non-surgical treatments for each patient according to their wishes and expectations. We try to keep innovating and only use aesthetic treatments that have been tested to provide the best results for each patient. We will provide honest, open and realistic assessments and suggestions to meet patient desires and avoid disappointment. We will uphold confidentiality, dignity and patient privacy. We will treat each patient with full politeness and caution.
All staff are well trained to use equipment and products, and we continue to update our technical capabilities, by attending seminars, conferences to improve our expertise. By continually renewing our capabilities, we are sure to offer superior treatment results. We are very careful about evaluating any new techniques and treatments before they are given to patients.

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The Bellezza Shopping Arcade GF-37, Jalan Arteri Permata Hijau No.34, Kebayoran Lama, RT.2/RW.8, Cemp. Putih Tim., Cemp. Putih, Jakarta Selatan - 12210
DKI Jakarta, Indonesia
10.00 - 18.00