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La Prairie Introduces the Re-imagined Platinum Rare Collection

February 18, 2021

La Prairie explores the notion of Time Suspended through an artistic encounter between Japanese contemporary artist Nobuhiro Nakanishi, and renowned British composer Max Richter.






Platinum, that most noble of metals, originated with the exceptional collision of two neutron stars in a distant corner of the Universe, where gravity is extreme. Intrigued by the possibilities to disrupt the rules of time that the Platinum Moment represents, the scientists at La Prairie pursued their quest for eternal beauty.


Two artistic interpretations converging to re-create The Platinum Moment in one singular experience. The arresting installation, Echo of Time, is a “layer drawing” sculptural art piece, featuring a sequential series of photographs of the Swiss Alps taken at twilight by Nakanishi and accompanied by the epic Platinum score composed by Richter exclusively for La Prairie. It is an immersive work that invites contemplation and transports the viewer on a journey through time.






The seminal Platinum Rare Collection design has also been revisited, harmonising aesthetics to the codes of the Collection’s treasured amethyst-shaded creations. Sublime platinum-coloured details have been added on both the pipettes and their pump buttons to echo the sheen of the precious metal. To further elevate the unveiling experience, La Prairie has introduced platinum-coloured boxes that echo the codes of haute-joaillerie.


Though a new ground-breaking science has been introduced to the formula, the velvety, shimmering textures and delicate signature fragrance that propel the Platinum Rare creations to the ultimate skincare experience have been preserved – both silky serums and unctuous creams bring the senses to another dimension, on the other side of time. With the re-innovation of the Platinum Rare Collection through the fusion of luxury savoir-faire and exceptional skincare benefits, rejuvenated skin emits the beauty of the Platinum Moment – now and eternally.








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