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ERHA Ultimate Anti-Aging Solutions

December 21, 2021

Minimize signs of skin aging with ERHA Ultimate Anti-Aging the best of ageless beauty treatment solutions. Women and beauty trends are inseparable. Beauty trends move from one generation to another, following the pace of the times. Currently, anti-aging skin care is one of the most popular treatment trends for most Indonesian women. People are increasingly aware of the possibility of premature skin aging caused by environmental factors such as pollution and solar radiation, as well as some habits of modern society that tend to be unhealthy.




Starting from a clinic in Jakarta, established on September 28, 1999, ERHA is here to bring a stunning new image to the beauty and wellness industry in Indonesia. Supported by excellent dermatologists, innovative products, the latest technology and the best services, ERHA continues to develop the latest programs in the field of skin specialist science at the ERHA Institute. Currently, ERHA is present in 51 cities in Indonesia with 105 branches, under the auspices of the parent company PT Arya Noble which oversees several other subsidiaries in the field of beauty and wellness. 




ERHA Ultimate Anti-Aging has three Programs including

1. The ‘Ultimate Younger Program’ that treats all signs of skin aging such as wrinkles, fine lines, dark spots, sagging, dull and rough skin. 

2. The ‘No Wrinkle In Time Program’ which is the solution to overcome wrinkles and fine lines on the face and maintain healthy skin so that the skin is supple, healthier and looks smoother. 

3. The ‘Bloom In Youth Program’, a pre-aging preventive solution that inhibits the process of signs of skin aging so that the skin will look moist, fresh, and supple.


ERHA Ultimate Anti-Aging also has three plans. Firstly, the ‘Advance Plan’ which includes consultation with a doctor/dermatologist using a range of products and more than one type of treatment. Secondly, the ‘Basic Plan’ which includes consultation with a dermatologist and using a product range and one type of treatment. Thirdly the ‘Product Plan’ which includes consultation with a dermatologist and use of a product range. 




The three plans are also supported by the 5C concept, which includes firstly the ‘Clear Program’. This program is used according to skin conditions and needs. Secondly, there is the ‘Clear Plan’ a program that is flexible and is designed according to needs of the client. Thirdly the ‘Clear Skin Goals’ which reveals a final result compared to the start. Fourthly the ‘Clear Duration’ a program where time and exposure to products are clearly logged and dated. And finally the ‘Clear Cost’ which lists the price of the program used.




“With a fairly good market demand, ERHA is optimistic that it can meet market needs where ERHA is already established as a trusted clinical pioneer with a variety of products and treatments,” says Ms. Noviana Supit, Chief of ERHA Clinic Management. During the Covid-19 pandemic, the entire ERHA network implemented strict health protocols as an effort to prevent the spread of the corona virus. Therefore, visitors who do the treatment are required to wear masks. In addition, visitors will also have their body temperature checked and asked to use hand sanitizers before entering the clinic area.







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