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Floraïku Paris Presents Spring River: A New Eau de Parfum

May 20, 2024

Floraïku Paris introduces its latest Eau de Parfum, an exquisite tribute to the Asian micro-seasons and their profound influence on our perception of time and the natural world. Named "Spring River," this fragrance draws inspiration from the first of these micro-seasons, "The East Wind Melts the Ice."




Spring River encapsulates the delicate transition from winter to spring, evoking the subtle interplay of snow, sun, wind, and water. This harmonious blend mirrors the rejuvenation of nature as flora awakens from its winter slumber. The fragrance invites a moment of contemplation, where sensory experiences are heightened, and the world is viewed through a lens of renewed vitality.




Much like a haiku, Spring River distills a complex emotional and poetic universe into a singular sensory experience. It reminds us that time has its own ceremonies, unfolding in a rhythm that is both timeless and deeply connected to the natural world. The fragrance serves as an olfactory haiku, celebrating the awakening of nature and the cyclical beauty of the seasons.



By capturing the essence of "The East Wind Melts the Ice," Spring River embodies the imperceptible yet profound movement of the elements as they converge to signal the arrival of spring. It’s a symphony of sensations, a celebration of the earth’s renewal, and a poetic reminder that with each season, time gifts us moments of profound beauty and introspection.




In Spring River, Floraïku Paris offers not just a fragrance, but an invitation to pause and appreciate the subtle, elegant dance of nature as it transitions from the stillness of winter to the vibrant awakening of spring.

















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