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Max Mara, Teddy Bear Coat's Tenth Anniversary

November 16, 2023

Gently hugging the body till one never wants it to end, the Max Mara Teddy Bear Coat is a protectively chic outerwear for fall. Ian Griffith’s inspiration dating back to the 80s, it gives the impression of premiere yet lively glitz and everyday wear for all smart, red-carpet, well-dressed women worldwide. A playfully glamorous decade after its catwalk debut in 2013, the iconic luxury symbol, Teddy Bear Coat, celebrates its big birthday with “Teddy Ten.”






Part of the Teddy’s main timeless appeal is that when the atmosphere gets especially cold, the coat becomes exceedingly comfy akin to a wearable blanket unlike any other garment and thus blocks out any bit of chilliness, which is paired particularly helpfully with how every piece is made to last a long time. In spite of this, it maintains Max Mara’s trademark Italian elegance.




51637422620_e214dcf459_z.jpg, along with key stores in 10 cities worldwide, presents exclusive Teddy Bear Coat products designed specifically for its 10th anniversary, the prime example of this being the new cocoon-cut, faux-fur Sparkling Teddy Coat. It has a commemorative vibe, materialized of alpaca and cashmere or camel hair exceptionally cradled on a plush silk base, & is available in white or camel color options. 




Moreover, there will be a Mini Teddy Bear Coat for the first time available for children aged 5-12 along with a paired accessory set of gloves, headwear & a furry-eared hat. A fleet of other teddy fabric fashion products like bucket hats and handbags add to the offerings. This ensures that any one child itching to match with their mom can do so in unabashed fuzzy style. 


Through the “Great Big Global Fashion Adventure”, the 10th Anniversary Teddy Bear Coat explores the world. There, visitors can find an installed series of fun interactive games & chances to take pictures with a Teddy Bear Coat theme, capturing unforgettable memories. 


“Teddy Ten” is also supported by a marketing effort photographed by Tyler Mitchell & starring Mariacarla Boscono, who wears the iconic coat and spreads the message that is the mantra of every self-respecting icon: “I was, I am, I will be.”









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