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LG Multi-Door Refrigerator with UV Nano Water Dispenser

December 02, 2021

PT LG Electronics Indonesia (LG), introduced a multi-door refrigerator equipped with a water dispenser with UV Nano technology. UV radiation works to eliminate the possibility of various particles that can be detrimental to health attached to the water outlet.




"This innovation complements various other health-supporting features that make this four-door refrigerator the right choice for families who are more concerned about health." said Rumbi Simanjuntak - Head of Product Marketing Home Appliance PT LG Electronics Indonesia. He further stated the refrigerator introduced in the GC-L22FTQBL model is LG's first refrigerator equipped with a water dispenser with UV Nano.




The convenience of taking cold water without having to provide a special storage area in the form of a row of bottles in the refrigerator is best as users don't have to open the refrigerator door just to enjoy a glass of cold water. Located on the inside, the UV Nano feature will perform cleaning by irradiation which covers the end of the water outlet on the dispenser. UV Nano irradiation can get rid of bacteria in the mouth of the dispenser with an effectiveness of up to 99.99%.




LG provides a container embedded in the inside of the refrigerator with a capacity of four liters. On the inside of the food and beverage storage cabin, LG has pinned the Hygiene Fresh + feature. This air filter works to eliminate up to 99.99% of bacteria that may cling to food and beverages. This filter also minimizes unpleasant odours in the cabin of this 428 liter refrigerator DoorCooling+ and Multi Air Flow are keys to keeping food fresh and to maintain temperature fluctuations within the refrigerator. These two features work to ensure that cold temperatures flow quickly and evenly throughout the interior of the cabin.


DoorCooling+ has a special air duct designed to keep the shelves on the inside of the door at the same cool temperature as the rest of the door. It works to speed up the process of re-cooling the inside of the refrigerator when the cold temperature is released. The task of maintaining temperature dynamics on the inner shelf is part of Multi Air Flow. Complementing the effort to maintain this low level of cold temperature fluctuations, LG has applied a special coating to the inside of the cabin. This coating was chosen because of its better characteristics in maintaining cold temperatures than the coating applied to the previous refrigerators. The LG GC-L22FTQBL refrigerator is available at various electronics stores throughout Indonesia. 







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