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Introducing Quadra X-Elements: Inspired by Nature, Redefined by Humans

March 22, 2022

In 2022, Quadra features 14 new motives in 4 elements, and 3 new features. Quadra is highly inspired by nature as shown in its new 4 elements concept. Fire Element is represented by the Etna Scuro and Aquila Crema, while Earth element has Noir Bianco, Sahara Nero (Matte), Breccia Castano, Valle Deluna (Extra), Terra Mater (Xtra), Ayers Nero Extra. Azure Lagoon represents Water Element, while Arabescato Gold, Himalaya Vento, Onice Stellar, Orion Grey, and Varrena Carrara symbolize Wind Element.


(Inspired by the four elements: Wind, Water, Fire, Earth)


3 of the most notable Quadra’s features are: XLoop 360, XGrip and Xgrip+, and XSize. With XLoop 360, you can stack Quadra’s products to any directions seamlessly to get overall perfect design. XGrip and Xgrip+ will give you confidence and security when you step on it, even in wet condition. Xsize, with its smaller size (280x120 cm) is created to meet the demand of those who are living in apartments. 




The adored treasure for centuries proves its grace once more with an intense golden veining. The contrast combination of grey and gold defines the supremacy of Arabescato Gold in your living space.








Inspired by melting icebergs forming into ice lakes. Azure lagoon is a reflection of natural wonder of beauty that we may enjoy as if experiencing the north pole’s breeze.






Etna Scuro is named after an ancient volcano in Italy. Comes in dark brown with stunning shiny reddish veins across its body, representing flowing molten lava from Etna’s crater. Own and feel the grandeur in your room.







The free-flowing play of black and white composed in Noir Bianco brings an incomparable elegance. Noir Bianco creates a dynamic balance to make the room lively and marvelous.




Established in 2017, Quadra is the pioneer of the biggest sintered stone slab in Indonesia. As part of the Lyman Group, Quadra products are made in Indonesia with Italian technology to ensure the quality and availability for your projects.Quadra is distributed to various places in Jakarta through Quadra Gallery (Jakarta, Bandung, Semarang, Surabaya, Medan, Bali) and will soon be opening new galleries in Serpong and Bandung. Quadra is also exporting to more than 20 countries worldwide.








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