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Blackwood Nerd Collection, When Shapes and Forms Seamlessly Align

February 02, 2024

The dynamics of Indonesian furniture is growing increasingly dynamic with the presence of high-quality local furniture, emphasizing the results of fine handcraftsmanship and producing furniture equivalent to world-renowned labels. One of them is Blackwood, which since 2006 has proudly collaborated with Indonesian and foreign designers to realize premium furniture collections that emphasize contemporary design as a statement about lifestyle, taste and character. 




At the start of 2024, Blackwood presents its latest collection, "Nerd Collection", which is the result of collaboration with Designerd from Thailand at the Blackwood Permata Hijau showroom. Through this group effort, Blackwood presents 11 products that further complements the diversity of Blackwood furniture collections and enter into new market segments, as a strategic step to open new market genre opportunities through products with fresher designs. 






The designer, who has experience in designing for many world-renowned furniture labels, worked to understand Blackwood's character, vision, and production flow before starting the design process. The result is a design that not only emphasizes aesthetic aspects, but also has efficiency in production that honestly highlights the beauty of the materials used as being premium, attractive, and high quality. This beautiful yet simple approach makes the timelessly designed "Nerd Collection" products a redefinition of elegance, luxury, and stylist that animates the Blackwood collection so far. 






Designerd takes an approach based on form and proportion wrapped in a lot of detail. The design of 11 products consisting of chairs, dining chairs, dining tables, coffee tables, side tables, TV cabinets, lounge chairs, and modular sofas as a whole emphasizes subtle luxury that relies on immaculate production quality to achieve the impression and story of every detail in this collection. 


The simple and pure form makes this collection even more in demand for the high skill of the craftsmen who produced it, along with how the luxury and elegance of the Blackwood label can remain enjoyable from the perspective and taste experience of the Nerd Collection.











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