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JW Mooncakes Return In Celebration of This Years Mid-Autumn Festival

August 16, 2022

Being one of the most beloved authentic pastries in China and many parts of Southeast Asia, mooncakes are a popular Mid-Autumn treat which has been passed on through generations since ancient times, which date back to over 1,000 years ago. Symbolizing togetherness, wealth, and joy, the perfectly rounded handcrafted annual delicacies from JW Marriott Hotel Jakarta will once again be brought back to celebrate the exciting festival. 




Presenting yet another series of innovative flavors this year, the Executive Chinese Chef of Pearl Chinese Restaurant, Ken Choy, has prepared finely curated new flavors that are created with secret ingredients, including the traditionally baked to the newly innovated snow skin ones on top of the other flavors. From the enticing new signature flavors such as Golden Pineapple, Bird’s Nest with Coconut in Custard Paste, and Mini Chilled Musang King Mooncake, to the classic must-have White Lotus, Pandan, Black Sesame, Red Bean, that come in single and double yolks for each flavor. 


"It wouldn't be a secret if I bared it all would it?", joked the lively Executive Chinese Chef Ken Choy when asked about his secret to elevate the Mid-Autumn celebration.  He finally shares that the key lies on the painstaking selection of top-notch quality ingredients for the fillings and how the Mooncakes are prepared - be it baked or snow-skinned.  Packaging also plays an integral role in the momentum. 


JW Mooncakes Imperial Box


JW Mooncakes Ruby Box


Carrying charming designs that scream “celebration”, JW Mooncakes are the perfect gift to pass the fortune and happiness wishes to dear ones or business partners. Early Bird price of IDR 550,000 net per box is available for guests to purchase only until 10 August 2022, before the original price of IDR 788,000 net for four (4) pieces or eight (8) of snow skinned ones. This year, guests can also opt for the limited edition ultra-elegant Mooncake tin box that is priced at IDR 1,288,000 net per box. 








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