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BMW Indonesia X Garuda Indonesia: Launching Garuda Indonesia's New Boarding Pass

December 21, 2020

Garuda Indonesia officially introduced “The New Boarding Pass” with the latest design and features that benefits Garuda Indonesia customers and business partners on Wednesday, 2nd of October 2019.


This new boarding pass is also a manifestation of commitment to bring more interactive flight experience and an array of added value offers for customers, and align with the adaptive steps of the company to follow technological trends of millenial era.




On that occasion, President of Garuda Indonesia, Ari Askhara said that the launch of “The New Boarding Pass” as an effort to upgrade the “digital experience” services, especially for millenial generation through various digital platform development. 


By using gadget and scan the QR code located on the back of the boarding pass, passengers could find various interesting promo information that connected to Garuda Indonesia business partner’s website.


Through the QR code, consumers will also find it easy to access the list of merchants that collaborate with Garuda Indonesia throug Boarding Pass True Value (BPTV) Program that offer discount up to 60% in more than 1,500 merchants including hotel, spa, kuliner, and lifestyle services in more than 50 cities worldwide.






This boarding pass presents new model of promotional space for partners to reach the target market more effectively, efficiently and on target through visual communication and using digital features – in this case QR code.


BMW Group Indonesia as one of the partners also celebrates the launch of the latest Garuda Indonesia Boarding Pass. “The boarding pass, was commonly known as a one-way communication media, has now been transformed into a two-way communication media with the launch of the latest boarding pass from Garuda Indonesia. Not only comes with attractive design, this boarding pass also follows the development of technology, increasing digital engagement, and to prioritize customers with the various benefits, a value that in line with our spirit in BMW Group,” said Ramesh Divyanathan, President Director of BMW Group Indonesia.


In addition to give new experiences for passengers through digital technology, the launch of this new boarding pass concept is also an effort from Garuda Indonesia to increase income through ancillary revenue other than passenger tickets and cargo.  










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