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The Wedding of Sasriya and Richie, A Wedding to Remember

May 10, 2021

On Monday, 5th of April 2021, newlyweds Richie Lavano and Sasriya had a wedding to remember at the Fairmont Hotel in Senayan, South Jakarta. 




The Bride, whose proud parents, Mrs. Carmelita Hartoto and Mr. Pramudia Dharma Wirawan were in attendance, were seen to be the very epitome of joy and pride. The groom, Mr. Richie Lavano, whose parents, mother; Mrs. Sri Yanti Nurdin and father; Mr. Reza Abidin, were beaming with happiness as they and the invited guests witnessed a wedding for the ages. 


Mrs. Carmelita Hartoto, Mr. Richie, Ms. Sasriya, Mr. Pramudia Dharma Wirawan


The procession of the marriage ceremony began with a traditional Madura theme something which is considered symbolic and a must watch for those attending a wedding of this ilk. Indeed, the traditional Sumenep Madura dance, referred to as the Panyongsong dance depicts and portrays a prayer of gratitude or more aptly referred to as a dance which is essentially a prayer of thanksgiving for the arrival of a new member into the family, with the hopes and well wishes for the union to be a long and blissful one, well into the couples’ golden years. 


The bride and groom took part in traditional ceremonies, one of which is referred to locally as the Ngabekten or Sungkeman ceremony. Both the bride and groom were looking like an absolute treat in their elegant attire conforming to traditional Mandurese customs whilst surrounded by their loved ones and close friends. The perfect adjectives to describe both the bride and groom would most definitely be poise and elegance. 












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