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The Last Melody Movie Premiere, Exploring the Theme of Toxic Relationships

June 23, 2021

A short film titled The Last Melody premiered at the Metropole XXI Jakarta Cinema Centre, on Wednesday 9 June 2021. Secret Door production house produced this Short film in order to raise awareness about the issues pertaining to mental health and toxic relationships.




The Last Melody tells the story of a famous pianist who becomes a victim of a toxic relationship. She eventually rebelled against her husband, but his resistance to her proved to be fatal. Co-Executive Director Helen Gumanti joined forces with acclaimed director Rukiki Mariana to bring this project to life. Helen, who is a pianist, has had a passion for film-making for a long time. Furthermore, her background in psychology gave her added impetus to raise awareness about the importance of mental health in the film The Last Melody. Helen remarked that “Especially from me, I want to include mental health issues into the script of the film, whilst the overall storyboard and general scrip was brought to fruition by a combined effort." 


In order for the film to be made, Helen formed a new production house that is currently preparing short films, series and feature films. Also in the works is the launching of a new film and photo exhibition with the theme of mental health will be held at M Bloc Space from August 6-15, 2021.


The Last Melody’s director Rukiki Mariana said that she wanted to share perspectives on mental health and toxic relationships. “A romantic relationship should be full of happiness, and should be unencumbered from mental deterioration. When the relationship we are in causes us to be weak and helpless, feel bad or guilty and even made someone doubt themselves then that is the very definition of a toxic relationship," remarked Rukiki.  




Mrs. Helen Gumanti


Mr. Chicko Jericko


Mrs. Rukiki Mariana (Director), Mr. Arya Bima Kiagoes (Writer), Mrs. Yolanda Hesna (Producer) 



In the film The Last Melody, Rukiki presents something different by eliminating verbal dialogue in this film. With the absence of dialogue, the director must be able to convey the films message in its entirety through various means and ways.


In this film, Chicco Jerikho plays the role of the lead actor along with Helen Gumanti as the main character. He plays a husband who wants to completely control his wife (Helen Gumanti). Chicco is no stranger to the world of national cinema. As for Helen, The Last Melody is her maiden foray into the film world.






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