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Dr. AB Susanto: a Modest Citizen and a True Leader | Part 1

December 29, 2020

The renowned Jakarta Consulting Group's AB Susanto gives a brief overview of his background and entry into the management and consulting business in Indonesia as well as providing a succinct yet powerful message on the keys to succeeding in today's world for all businesses.






Mr. AB Susanto is one such person who has had a wealth of experience accumulated from his various interactions across many different segments of the academic, business and commerce sectors.


A highly intellectual individual, Mr. AB Susanto has academic credentials in fields as varied as medicine, economics, American studies as well as strategic studies. These skills and attributes he attained over the course of his academic career enabled him to make a name for himself as a consultant of some repute. 


Mr. AB Susanto immediately comes across as a highly active person with multiple interests, displaying his trademark beaming smile at all times. Born in Yogyakarta, Mr. AB Susanto has had a highly eventful life with many noteworthy experiences, all of which have made him into what he is today, a highly successful man who founded and runs THE eminent JAKARTA CONSULTING GROUP - a private consultation firm that provides consultancy services for various business owners and private entities - whilst also being a noteworthy author. 










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