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About RegistryE Shop is a luxury website which showcases the world's best luxury goods and services through our quality content featuring a unique two-pronged approach that is both industry leading and remarkably user friendly, thereby paving the way for hassle free luxury shopping and infotainment. The two-pronged approach refers of course to the succint yet highly discerning Digital Advertising Platform and the revolutionary E-Shop.


The Website is further supported with its close relationship with the Registry Indonesia magazine, which is known, since 2007, as the primire publication showcasing the finest luxurious goods and services to readers in Indonesia and Singapore.


Our Philosophy place utmost importance and emphasis in being the go-to platform for people all over the world to make main the right decisions in purchasing luxury goods and services. This simple yet effective mantra has allowed us to be noticed by numerous renowned luxury Brands and Consumers - thereby achieving a Yin-Yang balance which is highly sought after and lucrative for Brands and Consumers alike.


Our Content

Luxury Segments Catered to, and for our Audience:

With the foresight and experience in the luxury market segment, is able to offer highly distinctive and categorized content to allow for a uniquely refreshing experience for each and every visitor. This intrinsic categorization has blossomed into the following:


Newsfeed : Our renowned Newsfeed section has often been remarked as the Bloomberg of the luxury market – with constantly updated information on the latest happenings and news in the luxury market.


E-Vouchers : Our collaboration and relationship with renowned brands enables us to offer vouchers that fly off our shelves and are very highly sought after.


Bookshelf : A highly unique feature that is sorely missing in the industry is the presence of the latest Catalogues, Brochures from the leading brands delivered right to the fingertips of our viewers, enabling them to find out in greater detail about their favourite brands and products.


E-Shop : The Crown Jewel of The E-Shop enables our viewers to transition to becoming customers of highly sought-after luxury goods and services in a manner that is no-frills, engaging, safe and most importantly value for money. Our E-Shop features products and services from the finest that the global luxury market has to offer with incredible deals that are sure to leave our viewers coming back for more.


Beauty and Wellness : Readers are given industry leading information on the very best Beauty treatments, spas, wellness resorts present in the market today.


Dining The discrening guide for diners, Restaurant, news & bars. Review and stories from the world of food & drink.


Advertising and Engaging with allows you to:

1. Tapping the Growing Millennials Market Boom

The global luxury market is predicted to top $1.5 Trillion by 2025 (source: Those who born from 1978-1992 are expected to make up 50% of the total spending in the luxury market.


2. Quality Content and Infotainment has developed a unique algorithm to deliver the most sought-after information on luxury brands, news, products, services and offers a personal shopping experience that is unique and highly creative - thereby allowing it to tap and collaborate with well known influencers, brands, and industry leading experts.


3. Luxury Categories Catered  to our Audience has invested significant effort and planning in order to create a platform like no other by proving our audience with unique categories full of carefully curated and selected luxury content and information as: Newsfeed, Bookshelf, E-Shop, E-Voucher, Beauty & Wellness, and Dining.


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RegistryE Shop is a trusted online platform for buying a wide range of luxury products. Giving more from the world of luxury, in terms of products luxury knowledge, recommendation, personal services and a new ways to experience luxury; RegistryE Shop is an online luxury specialist reseller, hosting specially curated luxury product.


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