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Registry Indonesia

14th Edition, Vol 03, Lifestyle - Magazine

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23 September 2022 - 14th Edition, Vol. 3, 112 pages
Ary Zulfikar - Advancing Indonesia MSMEs in the Digital Era

Keeping up with current events all around the world always seems to be a challenge in times where we live in excess of information. This edition, we are dedicating a special Men’s Issue where we have all things male in this magazine.


Gracing the cover of this issue is none other than famed lawyer Ary Zulfikar, better known as Azoo, who gave us the opportunity to sit down and talk with us about starting his career and eventually reaching the position of Legal Executive Director of the Indonesia Deposit Insurance Corporation until he was finally named as one of the top 100 lawyers from Asia Business Law from 2019 up until 2022. Ary managed to be chosen as the Ambassador of the very prestigious World Union of Small and Medium Enterprises. Ary also has successfully built a synergy between Indonesian made products and businesses to venture outside the country to focus on the international markets. With this initiative, Ary plans to further push Indonesian businesses to propel the community that he has built.


It is in true humble fashion that we hope you all enjoy reading this special edition of Registry Indonesia. We will have you hooked again in the next editions and we look forward to continuing being the publication of choice for the discerning consumer of luxury products and services.

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