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Chopard Celebrates the International Day of Happiness

April 02, 2024

Chopard's celebration of the International Day of Happiness showcases its unwavering optimism. Embracing a global chain of happiness that transcends cultural and social barriers, the Maison reaffirms its belief in humanity and the transformative power of small gestures, as embodied in its mantra "Little diamonds do great things!" 




Across its boutiques from Paris to Tokyo, armfuls of roses bloom, inspiring the latest Happy Sport Rose de Caroline timepiece adorned with pink sapphires, rubies, and dancing diamonds—a symbol of Joie de Vivre. As part of its commitment to a fairer and happier world, Chopard donated a portion of the proceeds from the Happy Diamonds collection jewellery sales between 20-26 March 2024, to child protection associations.




Since the introduction of Happy Diamonds, Chopard's workshops have attributed a soothing quality to the dancing diamonds, aiming to spread smiles worldwide. On the International Day of Happiness, Chopard urges everyone to create a chain of happiness through small acts of kindness, echoing the butterfly effect. The Happy Sport Rose de Caroline timepiece embodies this optimistic spirit, recalling a heartwarming anecdote from Caroline Scheufele's tenure as Artistic Director.






Choosing roses as a symbol of commitment, Caroline Scheufele envisioned Chopard's participation in the International Day of Happiness on March 20th. From boutiques to workshops, the Maison will be adorned with roses, infusing spaces with their uplifting fragrance and Joie de Vivre. The petal's heart-like shape mirrors Chopard's dedication to sharing its success with the less fortunate.


Caroline Scheufele


For years, Chopard has supported charities focusing on child protection, including All Hands and Hearts – Smart Response and the Naked Heart Foundation. The Maison's involvement extends to donations from 20-26 March sales of its Happy Diamonds collection jewellery in boutiques, amplifying its commitment to building a brighter future for underprivileged children.











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