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LG Objet Collection Launches in Indonesia

December 07, 2022

LG Electronics constantly provides innovation. This time, their latest collection that was released last year around the world, LG Objet Collection, is now officially available in stores around Indonesia as of December 2022. This stylish collection that features a list of functional home appliances which can be personalized, just entered the Indonesian market to close the year 2022 with a bang.




With electronic devices for entertainment such as a TV to electronic devices that support daily tasks such as refrigerators, the LG Objet Collection boasts a modern and minimalist design with distinctive colour choices that effortlessly blends in with various modern residential interior styles. This collection truly blurs the line between state of the art home appliances and designer items.


The LG Objet Collection uses a range of luxurious materials in making this line along with the sophisticated colours that can be matched according to preference. This makes it truly a collection that still manages to put performance first even with the possibility to express personalities tailored to suit tastes through the personalization features. "The LG Objet Collection represents the growing need for electronic devices that are not only innovative in function, but also pay attention to aesthetics that can create harmony with the overall interior layout of the house," said Lee Taejin, President of LG Electronics Indonesia.


LG OLED Pose, a TV which is also a work of high art

For family entertainment media needs, the LG Objet Collection provides a high-art and modern feel with its newest OLED TV, the LG Pose with a dimension of 55 inches. What makes it very unique is that they are like high works of art in the middle of the living room. The LG Pose at a glance is like a large canvas displaying the brilliant colors of the video which is set to be active when the TV is in standby.




Wash Tower Compact, A Space Saving Smart Washing Solution

Moving on to the laundry room, the LG Objet Collection brings the WashTower™ Compact innovation. When the word compact refers to the dimensions, the WashTower name represents LG's unique innovation as the washing machine and clothes dryer is stacked vertically. Its towering shape makes the WashTower Compact appear minimalist but still prioritize aesthetics. 




Other options in the LG Objet Collection features: LG Objet Refrigerators and Freezers That Become Nutrition Guards With Bold Color Choices, LG Objet Collection InstaView, Pinnacle of Innovation with a More Elegant Touch - LinearCooling™, PuriCare™ AeroTower, a Sophisticated Air Purifier With a High Artwork Body Design.




Matters regarding the overall availability of the LG Objet Collection collection are said to be running simultaneously starting this December. For distribution in the Indonesian market, LG is said to be providing it to a network of electronics stores in various cities in Indonesia as well as on the official LG Official Store account contained in the online sales platform major in this country. "This choice of distribution breadth is to provide opportunities that are easier and quickly for potential suitors to get,” said Lee Taejin.









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