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Technogym Run, The Only Treadmill for Both Cardio and Power

July 28, 2023

Every runner dream of training at any time of the year regardless of the weather, while enjoying their favorite route, following their personal training program and running on a suitable and safe surface.




Some run to keep fit, others to lose weight or to improve their sports performance. At home, however, it is difficult to find a capable solution that offers a sufficient variety of training for the entire family - from the amateur runner to the marathon runner, triathlete or to the simple fitness enthusiast - and at the same time guarantees the quietest treadmill experience.


Technogym Run is the brand's newest treadmill, born from Technogym's thirty years of experience in fitness and sport, which offers a single solution to the same level of quality and technology found in the best gyms, as well as an unprecedented variety of workouts: from running, to power, to bootcamp.


Mr. Samuel Chin (Managing Director Technogym Indonesia), Mr. Ardi Setiadharma (CEO Technogym Indonesia) , Ms. Kelly Tandiono, Ms. M. Fadli


The 27" Technogym Live console allows users to choose their preferred training experience from a wide range of training programs and modes (cardia, strength, or hi-intensity) or from the library of on-demand video workouts which include trainer-led sessions, routines that follow specific objectives, as well as virtual immersive outdoor workouts, that adapt to users' speed and adjust the incline according to the chosen route. Furthermore, Technogym Live offers endless entertainment options (including Netflix, YouTube, TV channels, social media, and more). When it comes to bootcamp, the console also offers exercises and programs to perform off-treadmill on the Technogym Bench.




Designed following Technogym's vast experience as Official Supplier of the last eight Olympic games, Technogym Run is the only treadmill able to offer a single solution to:


- The best running feeling, thanks to the slat-belt technology able to offer the same reactivity and elastic response of an athletic track. Users will also experience the ultimate runniJ1g feeling while utilizing Technogym Run's large running surface, suitable for longer strides and the ability to move freely for better performance.


- Strength training in addition to cardio. For the first time ever on a treadmill, train all parts of the body that are most important to running performance - legs, abdominals, and glutes. Using push mode, users can adjust the resistance to replicate a sled with a load of up to 55 kg - 121lbs., improving overall muscle tone, efficiency, and stability.


-Boot camp workouts at home: high-intensity workouts, that alternate running, resistance, and floor exercises. Bootcamp offers the ability to automatically adapt to users' level for the most effective highintensity session ever.









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