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Moeldoko Encourages Collaboration between Government and Community to Realize Food Security

September 25, 2023

Presidential Chief of Staff of the Republic of Indonesia, General TNI (Ret.) Moeldoko invites the community, especially farmers, to increase cooperation with the government in promoting food security. This was conveyed by Moeldoko during a visit to a number of villages in Sukabumi, West Java, on Wednesday (20/9). 




Moeldoko, who is also Chairman of the Indonesian Farmers Harmony Association (HKTI), said that cooperation from various parties is needed to realize national food security. Moreover, according to him, the food crisis faced by the world due to global climate change must continue to be taken seriously. 




He said the community, especially farmers, is the spearhead for realizing food security. Therefore, Moeldoko invited all farmers to continue utilizing technology and innovation in increasing food production. 


"If people are more familiar with modern agricultural technology, I am sure the harvest will be more abundant, and does not depend on the weather and seasons. If the harvest is abundant, we can all help realize national food security," Moeldoko said during the visit. 




During the series of activities, Moeldoko visited a number of villages that are food centers such as Gunung Ndut Village, Kadununggal Village, and Pulosari Village in Sukabumi Regency. He had dialogue with honey farmers, vanilla green house managers, honey beekeepers, and arwana fish breeders. 


At his stop at Kadununggal Village, Moeldoko participated in the cassava harvest. While in Pulosari Village, he gave a number of explanations to local vegetable farmers about applicable innovative efforts to increase crop yields. On the other hand, he also conveyed the government's commitment to keep supporting innovation and digital development to support the realization of modern agriculture. 




Moeldoko also believes that local entrepreneurs in Sukabumi will be able to become big entrepreneurs using digitalization in marketing MSME (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises) products, which are an important chain of efforts to increase the selling value of agricultural production. He encouraged small entrepreneurs to innovate and keep taking advantage of existing opportunities in order to reach a wider market. 


There, he made to support the progress of farmers by developing Maju Tani, a movement initiated by a number of young farmers who use technology to help farmers. As the father of Maju Tani Indonesia, he explained it as an initiative of the change movement in agriculture that comes up with modern concepts to improve the welfare of farmers. “Through integration of the latest technology and agricultural practices, Maju Tani will commit to improving the productivity and quality of agricultural products throughout Indonesia," Moeldoko said excitedly.


In addition to efforts to advance farmers, he also signed an integrity pact for peaceful elections in the Sukabumi Regency area during the visit. This activity is a form of government commitment in presenting safe, peaceful and transparent elections to support stability and peace not only in the Sukabumi region but also for the country.


Moeldoko's commitment in encouraging the progress of farmers is not new. Some time ago, Moeldoko's name became a byword after hundreds of Konco Kulo Moeldoko banners were scattered in various places in East Java. The banners were a form of appreciation from the people of East Java for the hard work of the former TNI Commander. 


Moeldoko's name also made headlines of a number of media outlets in South Korea when he represented the Government of Indonesia and the Government of South Korea to launch the Green Digital Economy Platform (GDEP) in Seoul, South Korea, on Wednesday (13/9). This achievement is in line with Moeldoko's determination to continue advancing Indonesian farmers to realize national resilience. 







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