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A Time-Honoured Tradition at Raffles Jakarta

September 01, 2023

A celebration of a long-standing tradition, experience the Mid-Autumn Festival, where every memory is to be cherished. Delight in a curated collection of traditional baked mooncakes and contemporary snow-skin creations exquisitely crafted by Chef Anom Putra. This year, our handcrafted collection of mooncakes inspired by the illustrious Raffles Hotels is presented in a sage coloured-box adorned with intricate elements of peacocks, palm trees and its lush landscape, stamped with Raffles Jakarta's design façade.




Embrace the joy of family reunion during this festive season with exquisitely crafted gifts of traditional baked mooncakes and contemporary snow-skin mooncakes by Raffles Jakarta.


Raffles Mooncake Selections


For this season's baked collection, look forward to Raffles Patisserie's signature classics Dates with Pecan Nuts and Mandarin Lotus featuring delicious pecan nuts, velvety smooth lotus paste, and a harmonious balance of flavours with layers of depth and complexity. With a focus on classics, the baked selection also sees the return of White Lotus Egg Yolk, the fragrant of Pandan and house favourites such as Red Beans and Black Sesame.






Alternatively, delight in the new creations of Royal Milk Tea, Blueberry Lemon and Honey Murasaki Sweet Potatoes, an infusion of flavours that offers a modern twist on tradition, revealing a surprising combination of exciting and popular flavours.


Also debuting this year from Raffles Patisserie are the first Snowskin Mooncakes collections by Chef Anom Putra. Discover our newest delights in Chocolate Hazelnut, Peanut Butter, Matcha Red Bean and a personal favourite, Yuzu White Chocolate, a harmonious blend of fragrant flavours with the complementary natural sweetness of white chocolate and the freshness of Yuzu—the perfect treat with a soothing cup of Raffles Reserve Tea collections.


The Snowskin collections will be exclusively available at Raffles Patisserie only. Enjoy an opportunity to appreciate cherished business associations over meaningful conversations with our customised collection of mooncakes, consisting of four-pieces variant in customisable Autumn Box.


Reserve your Mooncakes collections from 17 July 2023 onwards. Available throughout August and September at Raffles Patisserie.










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