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Wanita Panutan 2021 Awarding Night Event

October 29, 2021

Registry Indonesia and Yayasan Duta Indonesia Maju held 2021’s Female Role Model Award on October 28th 2021. This 4th Awarding event took place in The Tribrata Dharmawangsa Jakarta with strict application of health protocol. The guests of the award wore Indonesia’s traditional clothing as dress code. 


The Nominees




The Event






I Gusti Ayu Bintang Darmawati, Indonesia’s Minister of Women Empowerment and Child Protection presented the awards to 12 inspiring female role models for their respectable contributions for Indonesia, in various sectors: social, economy, culture, and politic.


The event was designed to give appreciation and to encourage Indonesian women to give more contribution for the sake of the nation, also to promote gender equality in order to achieve democratic, prosperous, civilized society, especially to enhance Indonesian women’s quality of life.


Speech by Mrs. Lisa Ayodhia - Founder and Chairman Yayasan Duta Indonesia Maju


Speech by Mrs. Liey Haryanto from Registry Indonesia


The professional board of curators consisted of Mr. Prof. Roy Darmawan, Mrs. Prof. Ir. Wiendu Nuryanti, M. Arch., Ph.D., Mr Yusuf Susilo Hartono, Mr. Widi Nugroho Sahib, S. MTrans., IAPR, ACPR, Mrs. Karlina Damirie, Mrs. Rustianah, SH.MKn, and Mrs. Terry Wijaya Supit MSc. PMV.  


Mayor Jenderal TNI Totok Imam Santoso, S.IP., S.Sos., M. Han. and curators


The presence of Mrs. I Gusti Ayu Bintang Darmawati bestowed special meaning, also to encourage the 2021’s Female Role Model Award winners to continue doing the great work and to contribute to our beloved country.


The winners of the award are: Agatha Nindya, Amurwani Dwi Lestariningsih, Heddy Kandou, Listianawati Setio, Lucye Kwee, Merysia Enggalhardjo, dr. Natasha Vinski, Nur Asia Uno, Ping Ding, Surijaty Aminan, Uci Flowdea, and Yanti Airlangga.


Ms. Agatha Nindya
(Inspiring Women in Jewellery & Beauty)


Mrs. Amurwani Dwi Lestariningsih
(Inspiring Women in Education & History)


Mrs. Heddy Kandou
(Inspiring Women in Creative Economy Activism)


Mrs. Listianawati Setio
(Inspiring Women in Nutrition & Health)


Mrs. Lucye Kwee
(Inspiring Women in Beauty and Lifestyle)


Mrs. Merysia Enggalhardjo
(Inspiring Women in Business Innovation)


dr. Natasha Vinski
(Inspiring women in aviation and medical industry)


Mrs. Mela Sabina
(Representative of Mrs. Nur Asia Uno - Inspiring Women in Creative Economy Motivators)


Mrs. Ping Ding
(Inspiring Women in Empowering Local Communities)


Mrs. Surijaty Aminan
(Inspiring Women in Philanthropy)


Mrs. Uci Flowdea
(Inspiring Women in Social Activism)



The event also featured photo session of the award winners with Mrs. I Gusti Ayu Bintang Darmawati, Mrs. Liey Haryanto from Registry Indonesia, Mrs. Lisa Ayodhia, the founder and Chairman of Yayasan Duta Indonesia Maju, Mayor Jenderal TNI Totok Imam Santoso, S.IP., S.Sos., M. Han., from Indonesia Military’s (TNI) Commander of Central Field Artillery, also acts as Advisor for Yayasan Duta Indonesia Maju.


Mrs. Liey Haryanto and Mayor Jenderal TNI Totok Imam Santoso, S.IP., S.Sos., M. Han.


The award was festive, yet intimate at the same time. In compliance to health protocol, the guest was limited to only 120 people, many VVIPs were spotted at the event. 2021’s Female Role Model Awarding Night was supported by: The Tribrata, The Stature, Zora, Hotel Gran Melia Jakarta, Teh 63, and Serena. Media partners: Registry Indonesia and Metro Group News.






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