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Renault Koleos Whatever the Quest

February 21, 2020

The Renault Koleos is an outstanding compact crossover SUV which was first presented as a concept car at the Geneva Motor Show in 2000, and then again in 2006 at the Mondial de l’Automobile in Paris. Renault Koleos embodies new aspirations. Charismatic, with a sense of detail and its personality enhanced by its sleek appearance and athletic curves. The chrome inserts that start at the headlamps underline the vehicle’s dynamism and strength of character in an elegant and singular fashion. Satin chrome finishes across the dash and throughout the cabin look and feel fantastic for this car.






With total cabin climate control, engaging the rich, acoustic experience delivered via the BOSE® premium sound system with 12 speakers, including subwoofer and digital amplifier deliver an experience similar to being in the middle of a concert hall performance. There is no need to take the key out of the pocket or bag; simply press the button on the door handle to unlock the Koleos. To open the boot, either use the remote key card or place a foot underneath the rear bumper.


Sensors will open the motorised tailgate automatically, revealing 458 litres of luggage space in seconds. The touchscreen is unique. It’s a ‘capacitive’ touchscreen, which means it’s easy to use. Simply drag, pinch, or swipe to navigate the same way as on a tablet or smart phone. After all, good technology makes life simpler, not more complicated. Renault Koleos allows one to design a personal home screen and create an interior ambience to match the mood.




The parking assistance system measures the parking space with its sensors (whether parallel, perpendicular, or angled) and defines the parking trajectory. Then it takes over the wheel and steers itself while the driver controls the speed and braking.


The new 7 Speed CVT Transmission offers fluid, responsive driving without interruption of torque. It adjusts continuously while maintaining optimal engine speed and can also simulate gear shifts, producing even more powerful acceleration.


The electric panoramic sunroof with a motorised sun blind extends over the rear seats. To reduce wind noise it opens underneath the cabin roof. The new Renault Koleos is on top of safety, extensively equipped with intuitive accident protection and prevention technologies.






Adaptive airbags that protect with multi-stage, variable force deployment airbags. This variable deployment is determined by the severity of the accident and proximity of the driver and front passenger to the dash or steering wheel. Renault Koleos also features lateral pelvis and chest level airbags for front occupants, and curtain airbags for the entire cabin. With automatic locking when driving, or leaving the car, the Renault Koleos will automatically engage the door locks.


Enjoy the journey, while the Renault Koleos makes the drive safer and more relaxed, with well engineered driver assistance intuition. Starting the Renault Koleos on steep slopes is no worry. The brake hill-start assist takes over and holds the vehicle steady for two seconds. This gives time to accelerate normally without stalling or rolling back. The drive is covered by front and rear parking sensors with a rear parking camera. The striking forms of the full LED lighting signature attract attention and make an impression. Right down to the robust look of the 18 inch alloy wheels, Koleos reflects a desire to get ahead.




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