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We provide the best embodiment of an actual store in a simple yet elegant visualization. We start off by displaying the stores profile: name, location, phone number, pictures and a video of the actual site for user acknowledgement, where they could then choose to whether shop on-site or online. The website allow you to exhibit products and details: pictures, price, color selections, availability and promotions on top of a secured transaction platform for both parties. is aware that users may have numerous questions and doubts prone to purchasing luxurious goods; therefore we provide a built-in live chat feature that directly connects them to the store for availability or any other inquiries. Finally, we present a review feature for users to share their shopping experience, enhancing the stores legibility and credibility.
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Before making a grand entrance in modern era of media with RegistryE, there are few steps you need to follow

1. Contact our marketing team by email based on your location. 

2. Send the transfer receipt to, 
after making a payment.

3. When the payment is complete, 
we will sent the receipt number for your account. 
Download these attachment below and fill it out throughly 
form registration, the guidance to fill out the form, the policy. 
Send the data by email based on your location 
You have to send the filled out form within 24 hours.

4. While filling your data on our website, 
we will also review your data and do quality check on your products.

5. We will send you a notification email whether it is approved or not. 
If your data is being approved by us, you can see the publication 
directly on our website. If you get rejected, you need to revise 
the document and send it back immediately within 24 hours.

We have waited for your participation to join in with us and thank you 
for trusting us to be Your Best Online Partner,